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Welcome to Fresh Nous.

We’re a customer journey marketing agency with a mission to help make the process of acquiring and retaining customers as easy and streamlined as possible – and connect with them intuitively to offer great customer experiences (CX).

Customers are the lifeblood of every business – so we match passion and imagination with creativity to develop customers pathways that work.

Based in our rural Worcestershire office in the heart of England, our skilled and experienced team (see Meet the team) will help you:

  • Devise intuitive customer pathways so you win new customers easier and keep your existing clients happier and for longer (More)
  • Monitor, test and measure your customer relationship models so you can make constant improvements and enable your customers to enjoy more fulfilling experiences (More)

Get your hands on a fresh fit toolkit.

A practical way to find out more about your customers and what they need from you. And better yet, use the picture you build to reach them, create th right content and connect at the best time.

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