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We’re a customer journey marketing agency with a mission to help make the process of acquiring and retaining customers as easy and streamlined as possible – and connect with them intuitively to offer great customer experiences (CX).

Customers are the lifeblood of every business – so we match passion and imagination with creativity to develop customers pathways that work.

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Customer Experience Audit

Customer experience impacts every step in the customer journey from the moment the audience becomes aware of your services, through to the reason you ultimately lose them. If you have previously relied on past experiences, instinct, guesses, or opinions to identify customer pain points and evaluate your customer experience, maybe it’s time for a different approach?

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A Customer Experience (CX) Audit can help you effectively identify shortfalls and potential opportunities by giving you a more in-depth understanding of friction points in your customers’ journeys. How do you complete a CX Audit for your organisation and where should you begin?

We’ve put together a CX Audit series to define what a CX Audit is, when and why it’s needed, and to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can conduct a CX Audit for your business!

Get your hands on a fresh fit toolkit.

A practical way to find out more about your customers and what they need from you. And better yet, use the picture you build to reach them, create th right content and connect at the best time.

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