#BOGOF: Is two for the price of one always a good deal? - Fresh Nous

#BOGOF: Is two for the price of one always a good deal?

Getting double the number of characters per tweet surely should be something to celebrate…..shouldn’t it? The endless frustrations of editing, cutting words, cursing hashtags and re-writing tweets because you’re just 4 characters over the limit are no more so why aren’t we in a more jubilant mood?

Maybe it’s because we shall miss the very things that have frustrated us but which made twitter the unique social media platform it has become.  The way it forced you to be concise, use simple language and think before you post.  No waffling to be had, no need for over complication and more to the point they could be read quickly no matter where you were or in what situation.

However, we don’t want to be looking a gift horse in the mouth so what benefits has this gift from the little blue bird brought?

  1. More room to tweet may sound obvious but this allows for more space to be more creative in getting your message across.
  2. More room for hashtags which can increase visibility, reach and potential engagement.
  3. Without the thought of having to shoehorn your thoughts into 140 characters, it is thought that people will want to tweet more regularly.
  4. With these changes, Twitter hopes to increase the number of users which can only mean increases in numbers of followers and potential customers for businesses.

With a greater number of characters, comes great responsibility. As marketers, whilst embracing this gift, we shall remain loyal and true to our twitter roots vowing to keep brevity and wit at the heart of all tweets. #twitter280