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Building Customer Connections

Fresh Nous Customer Focus Approach

You’ve heard the quotes “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “Every painting tells a story” and it seems that here at the Fresh Nous office we have living proof that every brush stroke and drop of colour used is a written word and that the very best paintings do indeed have stories behind them.


The story behind our wall mural is not like any other, however. They are two stories that have their own authors, plots and characters, but which have connections that interweave and complement each other at crucial points. The first story is of a talented wall mural artist, Jennifer Foxley, taking the brave step of becoming self-employed and the second of two colleagues with a vision of running Fresh Nous, their own marketing company with particular attention to customer focus.


Upon moving into their new office in Droitwich, the walls needed to reflect the creativity and unique approach that the Fresh Nous team offer, and Jennifer Foxley was able to inject this in the form of a hand-painted mural with the landmarks of Droitwich depicted in the brand colours that Fresh Nous are renowned for. Unknowingly, to either party, this mural was a defining moment in both stories.  As a constant source of conversation and interest for any new or existing client visiting the office, the wall mural facilitated a conversation between the authors about what the customer focus and marketing ‘picture’ should look like for a talented wall mural artist.


It is, without doubt, the connections we build with our customers which provide the foundations for the Fresh Nous model and Jennifer Foxley was no exception. Working with her from when she created our first wall mural proved instrumental when she then came to us for our marketing expertise. Having experienced her service and style first hand, we had insights into how she worked and what was important to her.  When it came to shaping a marketing plan, we knew that it had to be achievable, realistic but also creative and with that all-important flair.  It even included a website design that made the paintings come to life with movement.  Increase in enquiries and demand for her talent soon followed.


The next chapter in Fresh Nous story involved further success, expansion and with that an inevitable move to bigger premises leaving that all important wall mural behind and arriving at the new offices with a large blank canvas of an office wall.  Conversations about what should grace the walls ensued, but it seemed only right that Jennifer Foxley be commissioned once again for a wall mural that was bigger, in new brand colours and reflected the continuing growth of the business broadening across Worcestershire and beyond but that stayed true to its roots.


So, it’s on to the next chapter for each story but with it comes a satisfying feeling that the connections nurtured between them contributed to them becoming best sellers.