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The Hidden Gems of Online Tools and Services

As a small business ourselves, we understand that many businesses don’t always have the largest of budgets, especially to spend on tools and services. Luckily, there some fantastic, cheap and even free tools and services out there to help elevate your business in multiple ways.

1. Canva

Canva has a free package that anyone can sign up to and start using immediately. The free version still allows users to access a wide range of images, layouts and templates and also has the capability of incorporating businesses brand identity. Providing that you like the tool, which we’re sure you will, you can upgrade your package and gain access to even more options and assets.

Here at Fresh Nous, we have been using Canva for a while now and have been thoroughly satisfied by it. It has all the tools and options that you would ever need when designing social media posts or other artwork, making it a must for any business that often finds themselves with the job of designing their own artwork.

2. Buffer

As social media continues to grow and become an integral part of a business, many businesses find themselves having multiple platform accounts. Managing and posting on each of these platforms can become very tedious and long winded.
That’s where Buffer comes in! Buffer is a tool designed to help simplify the sometimes huge task of managing multiple social media accounts. By compiling all your accounts into one easy to use place means you can schedule and manage all your social media posts. This then makes the whole process much easier and simpler, saving you time and effort which can then be reinvested into other parts of your business. It also offers additional features such as analytical insights and recommended content you could share related to your business saving you time endlessly searching the internet.

Like Canva, Buffer offers a free version that a business can use to get a feel for the service and can see just how beneficial it can be for you, after which you can choose to upgrade for more extras and options.

There are tons of other hidden gems out there, like Canva and Buffer, that a small business can use to improve different aspects of their business performance. You just have to dig around first!