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Social Media Safety


With over 50% of all internet users now accessing a social media network at least once a day organisations of all sizes face little choice as to whether they deal with social media in their businesses.

The latest ‘Cisco Connected World Technology Report’ reports that some 91% of students and workers believe the age of privacy is over, while a third are not concerned about personal data that is captured about them.

“More Generation Y workers globally said they feel more comfortable sharing personal information with retail sites than with their own employers’ IT departments,” says Cisco.

Of course this thinking doesn’t sit comfortably with the concern many organisations have about disclosure of commercially sensitive information through social media channels and the possibility of broadcast to millions on platforms like Twitter. And there are indeed potential risks when organisations embark on social media activity without proper consideration. Reputational damage stands out as the strongest possibility. An ill thought through quip or response to company news can have big implications. Employees could be at risk when personal information is shared unintentionally or company confidentiality and intellectual property can be risked.

And, whilst organisation are right to consider the risks of this brave new world it’s possible to manage this risk and take advantage of the huge opportunities that social media present to all sizes of business.