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The World Wide Web: A solution to a small-scale problem turned world changing resource

Now-a-days we take the World Wide Web for granted, it’s become so ingrained into society and daily life that you constantly use it without taking the time to stop and appreciate it’s genius and how many different opportunities it opens.

Need to look up an answer to a burning question? Google it!

Need an outfit for an event? Open the internet and within seconds you immediately have access to a thousand of shops and millions of products, all available to buy with a few clicks.

Modern life as we know it relies on the Web so much, that when your router does eventually gives up under all the weight of the bandwidth you been using, or when your phone inexplicably decides it wants to lose connection, it actually feels as if time itself has stood still.

However, back in 1989 when British scientist Tim Berners-Lee originally conceived the idea for the software, it was only to aid in the sharing of information and files between scientist in universities and institutes. It was simply a solution to a relatively small-scale problem; however, it wasn’t until was release to into the public domain in 1993 the software exploded in both popularity and scope and very quickly began to evolve and become more and more like the World Wide Web we know and love today.

The story of the World Wide Web conception is one that should inspire businesses and entrepreneurs to never put a limit on the scope or success that your product or service may achieve, as even if it may seem like it only solves a niche or small problem, you never know how it will develop or what directions you could take it in the future.

So….be bold, dream big and embrace opportunities you never expected.