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5 Things I Didn’t Know About A Small Business

Having a passion to pursue a career in marketing, I got in touch with Fresh Nous who kindly agreed for me to carry out my work experience with them.  I have felt highly privileged to work with such a friendly, conscientious and organised team, who have given me a clear insight into the world of marketing. From designing leaflets to copywriting, it’s fair to say that every day is vastly different in marketing! I have not only learnt an immense amount about the jobs involved in the profession but have also learnt what it is like to work in a small business. Below I have listed the top five benefits I have learnt during my time working with Fresh Nous.

  • Strong client relationships

Here at Fresh Nous I have been able to witness the established relationships built with clients, where team members have gone above and beyond to ensure that their clients are more than satisfied with all marketing developments. In my opinion this close relationship makes a small business unique and successful, I saw that having a strong client relationship is a core value for Fresh Nous.

  • Close working community

At Fresh Nous, success depends on cooperation, communication and teamwork. Working at Fresh Nous has allowed me to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable working environment, where team members are more than happy to help one another and endeavour to work together to meet deadlines.

  • Astute attention to detail

Fresh Nous’ astute attention to company branding is incredibly beneficial for clients. Using research and attention to detail, clear marketing strategies are devised which are bespoke to each individual client. The team at Fresh Nous take time to conduct internal reviews, ensuring each piece of work is detailed, precise and effective.

  • Higher flexibility

Having a high flexibility allows Fresh Nous to give their undivided attention to customers, where if any changes or additional tasks need to be orchestrated, they can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

  • The ability to wear multiple hats

When working in a small business you often find that employees take on numerous roles and responsibilities within the organisation, from account management to web design. At Fresh Nous these roles are divided according to employee strengths. Wearing multiple hats can greatly benefit a small business, by allowing members to develop varying skills and expand their knowledge. This strategy can increase the efficiency of a small business.

I have really enjoyed doing my work experience with Fresh Nous and have learnt a lot about marketing and working in a small business environment. I’d like to thank Fresh Nous for giving up their time to give me an insight into marketing, working with Fresh Nous has made me realise that I wish to pursue a career in marketing.