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If the customer is king why treat them like paupers?

The customer is supposedly king, yet many businesses treat their customers like paupers. Small wonder they lack loyalty rather than feel like royalty.

And there’s a price to pay for keeping ‘em lean and mean. If your customers fail to feast on feeling valued, rewarded and undernourished – being left out of your latest news, offers, deals and discounts and other information that can make them feel truly special – small wonder they drift away to pastures new.

But you can crown your customers by using nous. Fresh Nous. Here’s our Fresh Nous nugget guide to treating your customers as king:

Do your research – find out what your customers want – then aim to not just meet but exceed their expectations. Nine times out of ten the credentials your customers cherish are facets other than price – such as service, reliability, quality and perceived value.

Create clear pathways – think like a customer and anticipate how to make it clear and simple for them to access all the information they need on whatever platforms you use so they can easily decide to buy from you, join you, stay with you and make their own intuitive choices. Remember, customers also have differing personas – don’t treat them all the same.

Be an aspirational brand – you need to understand your own marketing proposition and unique service – so add swagger and sway to your marketing by make being a customer a lifestyle choice – cool, cult, sought after – a bit more than a functional product or service but a brand they can recognise and are proud to be associated with.

Keep them up to speed – Don’t just contact customers when you want something from them (e.g. a renewal). Let them know what you’re doing and how you’re thinking, feeling and acting – with news, blogs, videos and pictures.

Reward their loyalty – go on, butter ‘em up. Don’t reserve discounts for new customers, make your existing customers feel special too. Oh, and remember to say thanks. The smallest words are often the hardest ones.

If you’d like Fresh Nous to show you how your customers can be king for your business please get in touch.

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