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So…how much do you really know about your customers?

Most of us reckon we know how our customers think and act, but can you quantify it?

For instance, do you really know how potential customers behave when they visit your website?

Customer journey mapping is a great way to create customer pathways that work.

But it’s hard to improve things if you don’t understand what is going on. That’s where nous comes in. 

We’ve had many years’ experience of monitoring and evaluating data and customer journeys and then putting it into strategic action, which will maximise your chances of improving your customer conversion rates.

You need to get into their heads too. Customers have different personas and once you understand them better you can assess the potential barriers to them becoming new customers via your online marketing.

For example, when we were working with a utilities company we observed a process where the total costs of annual usage were split into eight monthly payments, in response to customers requesting ‘monthly payment plans’. This was driven by the configuration of a billing system that historically allowed payments over that time period.

Despite the implementation of eight monthly payments, customer satisfaction around billing didn’t improve. However, when we drilled into the data and scrutinised queries, we learned that customers were seeking 12 monthly payments to replicate arrangements with other providers such as insurance, mortgage etc.

A simple coding change to make this possible resulted in a significant drop in bill related queries.

And what about existing customers? What if you discovered they found it so hard to access the information they need they just upped sticks and left?

We can monitor and evaluate Analytics and Reporting what is really going on with the people that browse your website and social media. Not just numbers – likes, shares, engagement and interaction – but where all that inbound traffic is going and what it means. Google analytics for user experience

When working with a client, we reviewed the behaviour flow on Google Analytics, which reveals how customers move through a website and crucially, where they exit.

We found that there was an unusually high drop off through the registration process and noted that the form was quite long.

Using a ‘test and learn’ process, we supported our client with splitting the form into two, three and four stages, reviewing with each change the point at which users left the site and whether the overall conversion rate could be improved.

Through this data, it became clear that the stumbling block was customers having to manually input their address. Sourcing and implementing address lookup software resulted in a speedier form fill, higher conversion and improved data quality with which to manage the ongoing relationship.

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