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Some food for thought on keeping sports fans happy

As members of Circle2Success, the Fresh Nous team regularly attend networking events which give us valuable insights into how businesses care for their customers.

One such gathering at Forest Green Rovers FC gave us some real food for thought.

In short, the EFL League Two club, which is owned by green energy entrepreneur Dale Vince, has gained a reputation – and extensive media coverage (BBC )  for being the world’s first vegan football club.

The award-winning fare includes Mexican fajitas, veggie burgers and homemade soup of the day. Locally sourced vegan beers and wine are also available.

FGR’s website explains their ethos in detail, with reference to the environmental and animal welfare impacts of livestock farming and the desire to give fans healthier, tastier food on matchdays.

There’s also the performance aspect as vegan food is increasingly becoming the diet of choice for elite athletes including Lewis Hamilton and Lionel Messi.

So far, so positive though it seems that some people aren’t overly keen on FGR’s meat-free mantra – and those folks are supporters of visiting clubs who don’t leave The Lawn with at least a point.

In short, they’re miserable because their team has lost and perceive that the entire experience – including (or that should be especially) what they’ve eaten before kick-off or at half time – has been an unmitigated disaster.

Of course, what happens in 90 minutes on the pitch is beyond the club’s control but it certainly made us think about how sports fans’ expectations can be managed when there are other influences at play.

Are the complaints about the food genuine or are fans trying it on because they’re grumpy about watching a losing side then having to make a long journey home?

Fresh Nous believes that FGR is doing a Premier League job in serving hearty, wholesome food that fits perfectly with its values – and justifiable concerns – regarding the environment and sustainability.

For us, it’s a home win-win!

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