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Why customer experience pathways matter?

We all know people more readily mention poor service than positive experiences.

That’s life – and when it goes spectacularly wrong, boy, do they shout from the rooftops.

A negative review or angry customer comments on social media can explode into a media crisis in minutes. The reputation of your business is at stake.

That’s why you need to work hard at keeping your customers happy and make it seamless for them to access information they need.

Offering great customer experience (CX) is vital to every business.

It’s all about creating intuitive customer pathways that work effectively and have been designed and tested thoroughly.

More than a mere marketing buzz word, CX is about making your brand matter and transforming your service into a holistic and embracing experience.

Customers now rightly expect and demand closer and immediate interaction with the people and companies they buy from – be it via apps, social media, a company website, phone, email and even good old snail mail (it’s making a retro comeback!).

The best customer experience modelling is based on nous. Fresh Nous

In planning your customer experience strategies, we provide a detailed understanding of your customers’ wants, needs and expectations based on research and analysis.

It’s no good pitching your products but with the wrong tone to the wrong audience.

There are few worse things than language that tries to get down with the kids and ends up as ill-judged and patronising twaddle – or calling everyone in an over 50s market ‘dude’ (which we’ve seen!).

Once you understand your USP, your marketing proposition and your audience, you can interact with customers much better and devise great customer experience models that do what they say on the tin – provide an rewarding experience that make your customers feel good about you and the services you provide.

At Fresh Nous we use our customer mapping expertise to help you create journeys your customers will want to stay on.

Reminding someone of the feel of the warm sun on their face on a cold winter’s day can provide inspiration to book a holiday.

It is intuitive – another marketing buzz word but relevant – and great customer experience feels natural. A timely nudge in the right way will be welcomed, not an annoyance.

Insights and information will be appreciated and shows you care about them as people, not just customers.

To start a conversation about how Fresh Nous can create effective intuitive marketing strategies for your business, call our experienced team on 01905 780810 or get in touch.

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