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Do you think like a customer?

If you’re a business owner, you probably think you know your business inside out.

What about outside in?

When was the last time you looked at your business through the eyes of a customer?

Seeing things from a different perspective enables you to create effective customer pathways whatever it is you want them to do – buy, join, pay, book.

 Go on, try being a customer of your own business. You might be surprised, pleasantly or otherwise.

For all the effort spent on sales and marketing, the biggest barrier to business growth is often customer care – going the extra mile to make sure your customers (new or existing) can access the information they need whether it is to jump on board or stay onside.

Thinking, feeling, acting and truly understanding what it is to be like a customer is a vital asset to your marketing.

Understanding your customers with nous is hugely important. Fresh Nous.

We are experts at analysing your customer personas and then devising customer pathways, marketing content and delivering staff training so everything and everyone within your organisation is fully focused on understanding your customers and meeting their needs.

It is less about selling (‘push me’ marketing) and more about tempting and teasing people in (‘pull me’ marketing) intuitively so that interaction with prospective, new and existing customers doesn’t seem like selling at all – just natural engagement.

And looking outside in means you care about your own image and reputation – so it is easier to raise your PR profile and reputation in the wider world.

What have you got to lose?

To analyse and assess what your customers think and feel about your business contact Fresh Nous on 01905 780810 or get in touch.

Laura DuPont Fresh Nous Customer Sales Director

By Laura DuPont
Founding Director

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