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Follow Warriors by walking in your customers’ shoes

Sports fans, just like any other consumers, can often feel they’re being taken for granted.

What happens on the pitch, court or on the ice certainly plays a large part in making sure they turn up week after week but in recent years supporters have come to expect more for their loyalty – the complete matchday experience with bells, whistles and a warm(er) welcome.

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of competition for our precious leisure time and clubs need to consider how they stop consumers plumping for a seat in a warm cinema or café instead of a sports stadium during a dank British winter.

As the Fresh Nous team found out on a recent visit to Sixways Stadium with Circle2Success, Worcester Warriors are determined to offer their spectators and sponsors a peerless before, during and after package.

Operations director Peter Kelly spoke about the importance of walking in the customer’s shoes first in order to develop the correct customer journey, which is music to our ears.

The club has listened to supporters’ views and taken on board comments – positive and otherwise – in post-match surveys. Now it is determined to offer a matchday experience unrivalled in the Gallagher Premiership.

Writ large, the key aim is to keep customers at Sixways for as long as possible to make them feel part of the Warriors community – and to build revenue.

New for the 2019-20 season is a Fan Zone behind the North Stand which provides food, drink and entertainment. The area’s bars and stalls sell a range of food including speciality vegan dishes and menus will match themed matchdays throughout the season. A band provides pre and post-match live music and other features include children’s entertainment.

Another winning move to encourage fans to arrive earlier and leave later is to bring drinks prices level with pubs in the city and surrounding areas.

Of course, making changes often presents challenges as Sixways bosses discovered when the switch to cashless for bars, food and drink outlets was greeted with some negative comments. A thorough explanation of the benefits, including cutting the length of queues and speeding up service, on the club’s website and released via the media was the ideal way to address concerns.   

As customer experience journey experts, we give Warriors a resounding thumbs up. The club may not be able to control what happens once players cross the white line but its dedication to making the whole spectator experience memorable and good value scores highly with us.

Fresh Nous understand that customers are the lifeblood of any business and can help you attract – and retain them – by matching insight and imagination with creativity to develop customer pathways that work.

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Celia Felgate Customer Experience Director Fresh Nous

By Celia Felgate
Founding Director

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