Customer pathways should take people on a journey not for a ride -
Customer journey

Customer pathways should take people on a journey not for a ride

A rollercoaster ride can be thrilling and unpredictable – but sometimes poor customer service can feel like that too – without the excitement.

Being left to listen to endless muzak or the ramblings of a poorly trained and demotivated employee working their way through a phone script of options that bear no relation to your enquiry that doesn’t fails to answer your question but swallows up your time can feel like a not-so-merry dance. ‘Computer says no’, eh?

All too often the customer is taken for a ride rather than on a journey that meets their needs. As a result, they feel misunderstood and unloved. Hardly surprising when they decide to switch to a rival company that does better.

That’s why you need customer experience marketing with nous. Fresh Nous.

We believe that customer pathways should be meticulously planned, specifically designed and thoroughly tested before being launched on the public. They can then offer a genuinely relevant and engaging experience that will leave customers feeling valued, appreciated and rewarded.

Thorough research and truly understanding your customers – their personas and profiles, wants, needs, desires, interests and habits, not to mention demographics and what floats their boat – is key.

The aim is to create appealing pathways they will be happy to follow with features that genuinely matter to them.

We can draft engaging content and create adverts and audio-visual content that matches their demeanour, sense of humour and wider lifestyle.

At Fresh Nous, we’re experts at creating customer pathways from initial research and analysis to devising strategies, tactics and content and providing staff training.

The result is a well thought out journey rather than a hastily designed ride that fails to take your clients where they really want to be.

To book a meeting to discuss how we can evaluate and shape your customer pathways contact Fresh Nous on 01905 780810 or get in touch.

Laura DuPont Fresh Nous Customer Sales Director

By Laura DuPont
Founding Director

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