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Check out our seven-point Fresh Nous guide to turn customers into raving fans

Are your customers also your raving fans?

Imagine you had a surrogate sales force working for you that you didn’t have to pay.

Well, you can. They’re called your customers and if you treat them well and reward their efforts they’ll help you to grow your business.

So how does this work?

Check out our seven-point Fresh Nous guide to turn customers into raving fans?

  1. Look after them: Keep them up to speed with your latest news, offers, blogs (thought leadership – your take on life) and discounts so they can buy into what you do and how you do it. Make them feel proud to be a customer.
  2. Create a buzz about your business: This goes well beyond the function of what you do or the service you provide. Make it more about lifestyle and what is relevant to them so they feel more like a member than a consumer.
  3. Incentivise them: Inspire them to recommend people to your service. Rewards come in many forms but make it in their interests to provide referrals
  4. Make it repeatable: Don’t think of referrals as one-offs – make it repeatably beneficial to offer more leads because it is in their interests.
  5. Show and tell: Show them how easy is it for them to refer and recommend you and to reap the rewards.
  6. Is it communal: Make sure their friends and colleagues who come on board also benefit in the same way from day one. Make it a gift that keeps on giving…
  7. Make it easy on yourself: Few people really like selling so coming on recommendation reduces the need to sell – your prospects arrive warmed up and ready to buy.

Transforming your customers into raving fans is all about positivity and being open to the possibilities of being the best business you can be.

To discover how Fresh Nous can help you transform customers into raving fans, call our experienced team on 01905 780810 or get in touch.

Laura DuPont Fresh Nous Customer Sales Director

By Laura DuPont
Founding Director

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