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Introducing fresh team time

For 2020 we’re introducing a new initiative at Fresh Nous called Fresh Team Time – and we’re hoping that it catches on.

Fresh Team Time is a commitment to encourage everyone who works for Fresh Nous to devote work time to making a positive contribution to good causes in their community.

To kick start things, we’ve forged a link with Worcester Warriors Community Foundation – who do lots of fabulous work across the county – and we’ll be committing to at least one of our team devoting time to work on one of its initiatives every week.

These range from business enterprise projects and Hitz, an education and employability programme for 16 to 18-year-olds, to Only Girls Allowed, which gives young women access to sport through organised sessions with childcare and Hugby, rugby for the visually impaired.

In return for their generosity, we’re allowing our team to take leave as they want and need it, though operational considerations will be taken into account.

There’ll be no more holiday allowance or tracking – just the freedom to manage their own time. Our initiative demonstrates the trust we have in our team to manage their workload whilst also taking time out to enjoy holidays and other commitments without the sense of a ticking clock.

As a customer experience led marketing agency, we realise business is about people – not just customers but the teams that care for them and all the stakeholders that make a business tick.

How we interact with them is crucial to developing a good business culture. The more positive people feel about that the better.

So why are we doing Fresh Team Time?

  1. It is the right thing to do – doing good is always good for business;
  2. Perspective – We can only gain a wider, more compassionate perspective on life by volunteering. The more our team experience and embrace wider perspectives the better understanding they’ll gain and they’ll become empathetic thinkers and communicators.
  1. CPD – Volunteering is great for personal development and self-esteem. Doing it little and often – continuously – is an excellent way to learn new skills and grow and develop as a person.
  1. Trust – Enabling people to take their own holiday time is empowering. We’re trusting them to gain from giving back to their community. It’s about helping others and working together, not just for ourselves.
  1. If only – Fresh Team Time could become a movement. Okay, we’re just a small marketing company, but imagine if we could create a ripple effect to persuade tens, hundreds, maybe thousands of businesses to adopt Fresh Team Time?

Imagine the good it could do, the benefits for charity and the community, the opportunity of people delivering it to becoming kinder, caring, more thoughtful employees and the collective goodwill all round.

You may say that at Fresh Nous we’re dreamers – but we’re not the only ones.  Fancy joining us?

Laura DuPont Fresh Nous Customer Sales Director

By Laura DuPont
Founding Director

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