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About Fresh Nous

Always, Thinking, Customer.

Focus on their journey with
your business

About Fresh Nous

Always, Thinking, Customer.

Focus on their journey with your business

Our Story

Fresh Nous was founded in 2014 when directors Laura and Celia decided to ditch the confines of the corporate world to combine their complementary skills and experience to help businesses of all shapes and sizes connect better with their customers.

Our mission is to help our clients find, win and keep their customers by creating clear communications pathways and enjoy more fulfilling customer experiences.

Fresh Nous is primarily about people. We’re a small, agile, innovative team and have steadily built up an impressive portfolio of customers who benefit from our thinking, feeling and resourceful work ethic.

In built are our own intrinsic values:

Respect – We see everyone who works for us and every business we work for as special and unique, so we treat them with respect, effort and honesty.

Belief – Faith in our own experience and our ability to think and act differently and be innovative so we can support our clients’ businesses and develop a culture of mutual trust.

Nurture – We care for each other and for our clients so seek to constantly develop our own skills and those of our team so we can provide the best service possible for our clients.

Fun – We enjoy our work and inject enthusiasm and a proactive solutions-based attitude to everything we do so our clients feel the benefit and share the positivity of doing business with us.

Why is customer journey mapping so important?

We help you discover the importance of customer journey mapping and find out how it can drive customer acquisition, retention and revenue for your business.

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