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Customer Experience CX Audit

We all know that looking at things under a microscope can change your perspective and can affect the way you then view them.  What is seen is also dependent on who is looking through the lens and how they approach examining what is there. What one person misses, another sees.

If you have previously relied on past experiences, instinct, guesses or opinions to identify pain points for your customers, maybe it’s time for a different point of view.

By conducting a Customer Experience (CX) Audit, you benefit from a fresh focus and different perspective on understanding the friction points for your customers. Only by examining this can you effectively identify the gaps and potential opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction ratings.

What are the benefits of a Customer Experience (CX) Audit?

  • Scan the existing sets of data to assess your customers’ needs
  • Identify where the CX gaps are so you can make informed decisions on where to make improvements
  • Identify opportunities to improve the customer experience with actionable steps
  • Use the diagnostics to plan and execute more meaningful marketing campaigns
  • Utilise data-driven insights to improve customer experience through every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Achieve improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust

What does a Customer Experience (CX) Audit look like?

A Customer Experience (CX) Audit will examine how your company currently delivers customer experiences as well as what your customers think about those experiences.

Answers to questions such as ‘How effective are our customer relations?’, ‘Are there recurring problems in our dealings with customers?’, ‘Which customers are the most vulnerable?’ and ‘Where should my priorities lie in improving CX?’ will come into focus.

How we start

The Customer Experience (CX) Audit begins with an initial workshop where we aim to understand your customer experience goals and metrics and you gain a clear understanding of the CX Audit process and the objectives.

Stage 1: Gathering the insights

This involves collating all the qualitative and quantitative data which may include heat maps, customer satisfaction survey results, customer personas, customer research and customer journeys.

Stage 2: Gap analysis

We begin by reviewing the customer experience delivery you currently have in place and start to identify the gaps and, more importantly, potential opportunities for improvement.

Stage 3: Audit outcomes and next steps

The outcomes are presented which include valuable insights related to customer pain points, key recommendations to improve your customer experience which will determine a set of prioritised steps that are both practical and actionable.

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