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Think like a customer

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Listen, Live, Learn.

Think like a  customer

Customer Experience Marketing

CX has become a fashionable marketing buzz word acronym – but we believe in turning thought into reality with nous. Fresh Nous.


Following on from devising effective customer pathways, creating great customer experiences is a fantastic and positive way of winning, keeping and retaining customers.


Better still, you can turn valued customers into your surrogate salesforce by encouraging and rewarding them so they become your raving fans and advocates of your company, brand, products and services. How good is that?


As marketing care specialists, we understand the value of customer relationships and the ingredients that make great customer experiences.

What is a customer experience strategy?

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Our CX work includes:

– Research – Understanding your audience’s needs and wants – and ways to meet and exceed it

– End-to-end experience – We can help you excel beyond your customers’ normal expectations from start to finish

– Ways to increase customer loyalty and advocacy

– Creating competitive advantages and building enduring customer relationships

– Creating appealing content that connects with your customers’ hearts and minds

– Training your customer service team and devising customer care processes that work and add value you your business.

Of course, it helps if you can test, measure and monitor the results of your customer experience models…that’s the next part of our three-step customer care process.

Customer Journey Mapping Fresh Nous

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