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Customer Journey Strategies

All businesses aim to win and retain customers – but only the best can do this intuitively and seamlessly.

Understanding the Customer Journey

At Fresh Nous we are customer journey marketing specialists and use our skill, experience and instinct to devise intuitive customer pathways that treat your customers with care and respect so you acquire them easier and retain them for longer.

We adopt an ‘outside in’ approach to view your business through the eyes of a customer.

Then we devise strategies to help draw in new customers by creating appealing pathways that intuitively lead your customers through a positive, fulfilling and engaging customer experience.


Our core values brings companies and customers together

We help you discover the importance of customer journey mapping and find out how it can drive customer acquisition, retention and more revenue for your business.

This can include:

  • Online marketing
  • Sales procedures
  • Billing processes
  • Service care
  • Managing enquiries whether online, phone or in person

Client Experience

Our pathways treat the customer as king and remove blockages preventing prospective customers from making enquiries so they go on to become loyal and valued customers.

We can even provide team training to enhance the skills and continuing personal development of your sales, marketing and customer relations staff and we provide an analysis of your existing procedures and the results of your sales and marketing efforts to help streamline things so you win more customers easier.

Journey Mapping & Design

Data Integration & Analytics

Persona Empathy Maps

Marketing Gap Delivery

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