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Digital Strategy Fresh nous

Capture, Convert, Track.

Be the most responsive to change

Digital Strategy Fresh Nous

Capture, Convert, Track.

Be the most responsive to change

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategies that connect

Creating a digital marketing strategy is one of the most important, but one of the most complex, elements of a developing an effective overall strategy.

Many businesses that we work with make significant investments in digital activity, undertaking SEO, web design, PPC and digital content. Our role is to ensure that there is a clear strategy that maximises the investment in order to deliver against your business objectives.

Customer experience led digital marketing

From SEO, to web development, PPC to digital content we know that effective digital strategies are led by the needs and behaviours of your audiences. When you can answer two key questions; “what do your customers need from you?”, and “how  do they want to interact with you?”, then your strategy will reveal itself.

We help you unearth answers to these questions and, in turn, interpret these into actionable strategies around the website you create, the channels you use and the activities you undertake.

Whatever your business, your goals and your budget they way we work remains the same.

Why is customer journey mapping so important?

We help you discover the importance of customer journey mapping and find out how it can drive customer acquisition, retention and revenue for your business.

Digital marketing customer experience

What are the benefits of outsourcing your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is an important part of your business’ success. Being relevant and visible online is now a critical feature of all businesses.

Our fresh thinking and practical gives us the unique ability to support you in evaluating, and developing your digital strategy.

We’re not afraid to ask the difficult questions, to challenge your thinking and to highlight areas which need improvement. Don’t worry, we’re also ready to be your fun new friends – we’re even happier to apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to ensuring you cover all digital bases in your strategy.

When you work with Fresh Nous to develop your digital marketing strategy you’ll benefit from the combined expertise of our team to provide strategic guidance to help your business improve online and jargon free, practical actions to be implemented by your internal team or by us, if you’d prefer.

Digital Strategy

We’ll validate your business objectives to ensure they are measurable, achievable and realistic to drive business success.

We’ll ask for access your analytics data (Google Analytics or other analytics platform you use) to identify how your website, PPC and SEO have contributed to your business. We’ll find out where there’s room to build on successes, areas to improve and new opportunities to explore.

We’ll look at your analytics data, and other sources of insight to understand who your audience is in a digital space, what they want from you, how well you serve them and whether you have the opportunity to engage with new audiences.

We’ll scrutinise how your products and services are positioned in your digital activity and where there are opportunities.

Digital Analytics

We’ll give you insights about the digital activities of your competitors and, more widely, within your marketplace – both those you identify and those we find through online research to giving you a real insight into what other around you are doing.

We’ll help you to make sure your business has people and processes in the right places to support effective digital activities.

We pull all of our findings into a digital marketing strategy which is, focused on your customers, in line with your budget and mindful of your resources.

All of our recommended activities will be accompanied by a clear measurement plan to make certain that success is monitored and focus on ROI is continuous.

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