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Marketing Strategy Fresh Nous

Think, Dream, Develop.

Building a connection to consumers
through experience

Marketing Strategy Fresh Nous

Think, Dream, Develop.

Building a connection to consumer
through experience

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing activity driven by your customers

Whether you begin working with us on a one-off project or with the view to build an ongoing programme of activity we’ll focus on developing a marketing strategy that delivers against the needs of your customers and your business goals. As a marketing agency, we know that defined marketing objectives, along with clear measures of success will achieve real results.

Our knowledge, combined with research & a comprehensive marketing plan, means we can put the right marketing management in place to make sure your marketing efforts achieve maximum effect & return on investment.

Why does a marketing strategy matter?

Very simply, you have to consider that each and every conversation you have about your service, product or business is a form of marketing. It is about building awareness, driving sales and managing reputation, so it’s important to do it right.

A successful marketing strategy ensures you’re communicating the right messages in a way that resonates, with the correct target audience at the most relevant time. At Fresh Nous we believe the key to this is knowing your customers, your product and how your market works. The best way of bringing this full picture to life is by creating a strategic marketing plan, process and strategy.

Why it’s important to measure your marketing projects?

We help you understand the importance of tracking your marketing programme and find out how it can supporting your marketing and business goals

Defining your brand story

Your brand strategy is the very essence of your business, it conveys your company vision, culture, tone of voice and aids your relationships with your audiences. It’s as much about what your say as what you actually do.

Here at Fresh Nous our years of experience means we know a thing or ten about how to develop a brand that connects with your audience. Whether you’re a start-up, on the exciting journey of creating and defining your brand for the first time, an established organisation who is ready to revisit what your brand stands for, or somewhere in between then we’re the team for you!

  • Developing a brand vision
  • Defining your tone of voice
  • Easy to implement brand actions

Marketing Support

A fully integrated strategy is the cornerstone of a successful long-term marketing vision for your business.

Working with your team in the long-term Fresh Nous will develop an enduring strategic and methodical marketing strategy. Our dedicated marketing experts will take the time to develop an insight led action, supporting you to promote your business, to the right audience, drive ROI and make a positive difference across channels to attract, cultivate and retain the customers you want.

A great marketing strategy brings together customer insight, creative thinking, planning and analysis

We work with you, understanding your business and your audiences to turn ideas into engaging marketing campaigns that deliver successful results.

From brand positioning, customer journey mapping and social media marketing to events, digital advertising and PR your strategy should tie everything together for maximum impact and effect.

  • Customer led marketing
  • Sales and retention focussed strategy
  • Your virtual marketing team

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