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Value Propositions & through the line campaign:

Developing an effective value proposition is a crucial facet of all marketing activity. It provides your target audience with a promise of value which will be delivered through interactions with an organisation and forms the central motivator for any potential client to engage with your products and services.

A clear functional proposition will act as a vehicle to define how your products and services solves a customer’s problem, delivers specific benefits or why they should choose you over competitors.

With effective propositions in place a campaign structure can be defined which details the most suitable channels to utilise to take the proposition to market. A through the line (TTL) campaign is an advertising strategy in where a business will use multiple different channels, often utilising both online and offline to interact with customers at various levels.
By using the two strategies together, you can ensure that you can get a consistent, clear message to all your customers on a variety of platforms.

Ses home services



SES Home Services provide a full range of home and external supply pipe plumbing, central heating and drainage maintenance and emergency care.
All their products and services are accredited and guaranteed, meaning customers can get the best of both worlds – an affordable local specialist, plus the peace of mind of a large provider.

Geographically targeted Advertising campaign:

The aim behind the campaign was to increase the brand awareness of the company as well as engaged customers during the summer months. The campaign consisted of both digital and print advertising as well as a direct mail element targeted at past customers who had previously engaged at point of need but had not benefited from ongoing policy cover..


The primary objectives of our work with SES was to increase brand awareness in Surrey and surrounding areas. We sought to increase wider brand awareness and highlight the range of services available to new audiences, continue to build affinity with existing customers and re-engage former customers

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