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Why content creation is important?

A customer’s time is valuable, and if they are spending time being pitched an idea, then you must provide them something in return.  That ‘something in return’ can be as simple as a minute of entertainment or a great idea that benefits them. Whatever it is, it needs to hold their attention creating new content that helps sells products is key.

New Content creation


The primary objectives were to increase engaging social media content whilst also improving the websites content to increase traffic as part of the overall Content Creation at Phil Day Sports. The content of the cricket calendar aimed to position PDS as the expert voice in the sports turf industry.


Created in the late 1990s from its Worcestershire base, they have firmly established themselves as a leading sports turf contractor and specialist in the sports amenity sector. Their continued experience and investment has resulted in them offering a high level of service and commitment to a wide range of customers, including Premier League football clubs, county cricket, top class rugby and golf clubs and leading independent schools.

Creating New Content:

Each month included tips and advice as well as reminders of which specific cricket products and services would be beneficial at different points in the year. The calendars were designed so that users could click on recommended products to simplify the purchasing process.

Multi-Channel use:

The cricket calendar was designed for different platforms to include website, social media, interactive PDF brochure and print-ready media. This has improved their organic search results and when combined with Google paid advertising has doubled their online orders.

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