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Customer Contact Strategy:

Audience profiling is the process of defining exactly who your target market is: their behaviour and mannerisms. This is beneficial for businesses as it allows them to specifically tailor their content so that it resonates and targets the exactly type of client they wish to reach.



Ginger Energy are focussed on helping businesses and ‘not for profits’ to better understand, control and, where appropriate, challenge their energy and water costs.
Ginger Energy are specialist energy consultants with extensive expert knowledge in the energy and water supply industry and in billing and procurement.

The wealth of energy knowledge and expertise in their team makes them ideally placed to provide the highest level of service to clients no matter what the undertaking. They also pride themselves on their ability to work flexibly. As they know that no two business are the same and adapt readily to the unique demands of each business they work with

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The Fresh Nous Input:

We started work with Ginger by running a workshop style  session in which we developed our understanding of the attributes and behaviours of existing customers and potential clients.
It was also at this initial meeting that we discussed the full services and products portfolio on offer, focussing on the areas for growth.
We moved on to look at the available existing insights within the organisation such as Google Analytics, their following on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook and client feedback to establish where their audience interaction was strong and where there were further opportunities.


We were approached by Ginger Energy to help support their marketing activity across all channels.
They had already had some content in production and a clear business development plan, but were seeking support to identify key audiences and build an engaging content strategy.


After we’d collated the insights and data we were able to create customer profiles, consisting of information such as preferred channels, which kind of information and content resonated with them the best and the setting in which these audiences were most receptive to interaction.

The profiles were used to create a solid marketing plan and customer contact strategy which would give both them and us a clearer vision of the organisations they wished to connect with, and the specific people inside those organisations that would be most likely to engage with Ginger Energy and build a relationship with them.

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