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Direct Mail: Brand Awareness

There are many ways in which your business can benefit
from use of direct mail marketing. By reaching out to customers and prospects across multiple channels organisations can drive engagement, develop leads and increase brand awareness. When direct mail focuses on brand awareness it can become an effective channel to embed the name and brand attributes of a company with a targeted audience.



Zone Manager is a name that synonymous with specialist logistics planning and delivery management system across construction, retail and warehousing markets. It has grown to be the leading delivery management system for the construction industry used on prestigious projects such as One Hyde Park, Media City Salford and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Timing and Target:

The aim of the direct mail campaign was to increase general awareness of Zone Manager amongst high level players in the HS2 rail project. They were strategically scheduled so that they were aligned with HS2 contract announcements.

Direct Mail campaign
Theme and Concepts:

The series of postcards were designed using the HS2 contract as a recurring theme. Use of spot gloss was chosen to highlight specific elements on each postcard whilst the hexagon of the Zone Manager logo was used as part of the overall concept to increase brand recognition.


In 2017, Fresh Nous was selected to develop a series of direct mailings to target HS2 contractors. The design and print finish created a unique and eye catching set of creatives and used features such as spot UV and gilt finishes.

The targeted campaign supported the overall business objectives of: Increasing brand awareness, positioning Zone Manager as the ‘Gold Standard’ in Delivery Management Software and implementing autonomous (self-service) use of Zone Manager with ‘Foundation’ offering.
The campaign was well received, increasing spontaneous awareness of the brand amongst the target audience and delivering additional organic website traffic and engagement across other channels such as social media.

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