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The four big reasons why small acts matter in Customer experience

The four big reasons why small acts matter in Customer experience

Whilst the ‘big picture’ is what we all need to see we’ve got great news – there are little things that matter just as much and here are our 4 top reasons why small actions matter in the big picture of customer experience.

Meeting rooms awash with teams busy ‘visioning’, internal comms road shows and a lot of post it notes! Whilst this was the old norm who knows in the future if this will all move online?

Just three of the ingredients you’ll be familiar with if you’ve seen an organisation embark on a customer experience programme.

And we’re all at it, chasing the Nirvana of increased loyalty, lower cost to serve, smoother customer interactions and more recommendations that improve customer experience.

But, what I’m going to say might make you think differently, or at least more holistically. I believe, having been in this customer experience and journey world for a fair few years, having worked with some of the biggest names in the UK (and some awesome smaller ones too) and watched organisations affect change for their customers, that it’s the small gestures and actions 1-2-1 with your customers that hold the key.

Mapping end to end journeys and trawling insights matters and are vital tools in successful strategies. But do not be tempted to rest on your laurels once you’ve got these in place – what matters just as much as is the real life execution of your brand and the vision for how you want your customers to feel.

So, here you go. Why you need to ‘sweat the small stuff’:

1) You can connect. The power of human connection is something no journey map can deliver!

Recently I arrived on holiday and landed at hotel check-in along with 2 other coach loads of people. It was hot and we were a bit frustrated but, instead of just queuing, the travel operator used this time to have the resort reps introduce themselves up and down the waiting lines, furnishing people with relevant information but also to make some connections. And this particular rep was the master of easy conversation and, more importantly, listening. She quickly picked up the Norfolk accent (my mother’s, not mine of course!) and the queuing time eroded as we exchanged Norfolk banter, favourite eateries and in jokes. Strategies allow space for these moments but cannot hand you the right people who make them happen.

2) It’s where you create memories that cement your relationship

An example I’ve called upon before but a simple story from a well know pizza chain. A waiter (young, millennial for the record) who spotted a small boy obsessively watching chefs roll dough and create toppings brought him some dough and a board to the table so he too could craft the perfect base. A memory was made and, for the commercially minded, a series of ‘make-your-own’ pizza parties sold to all who heard.

3) You create stories here and everyone likes to tell a story.

As human beings, we are story tellers, passing tales from generation to generation. It’s in our DNA. If you can allow for the small interactions, they create those stories and get retold with your organisation, if not the star, then a lead character. In this ever-photographed world, brands that help capture stories can benefit the most.

4) You get unique insight about customer need.

Surveys are great, NPS has its place and post contact reviews are valuable but sometimes people just tell you what they need. Ask those on the ‘shop floor’ of your world what your customers are saying. Is there a product they can’t find, are they always phoning to get through an online checkout or, are they saying how much they love a picture on your Instagram? No matter where you sit in an organisation beware the danger of the ivory tower!

So, my good old fashioned advice is this: strategise and analyse your customer experience but never overlook the value of customer service, connection and benefit felt from empowering the people who your customers touch and talk to whether it online at the moment or face to face.

To analyse and assess what your customers think and feel about your business contact Fresh Nous on 01905 780810 or get in touch.

Image Credit : Image provided by Dan Barker Studios

Laura DuPont Fresh Nous Customer Sales Director

By Laura DuPont
Founding Director

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