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Too cute to care for your customers

Customer care is often seen as too touchy-feely for some or just too much effort for others (why do more than the bare minimum?).

That’s why your marketing needs nous. Fresh Nous.

Focusing on customer care from the get-go will enable you to plan, build and foster better customer relationships and pathways.

We can also help you ensure that those pathways are nuanced and intuitive enough to win customers in the first place, build relationships as you go forward and handle complaints and queries smoothly and seamlessly.

What are the touchstone points of effective customer care? Here are our four top tips:

  1. Do your research: Get to know and understand your customers inside out (Read our blog Do you think like a customer?) and learn how to connect and interact with them.
  2. Create clear lines of communication: Show you care and value your customers with well written content that is easy to understand, relevant to their needs and shaped to their persona, using appropriate words and images.
  3. Don’t take customers for granted: Never assume your customers are happy just because you don’t hear from them. It ain’t necessarily so. Most people avoid conflict so unhappy customers often just drift away without warning. Best to keep them informed and fully engaged with open two-way lines of communication.
  4. Make it an experience: Customer care is all about shaping great customer experiences (See our Why customer experience pathways matter blog) and customer pathways that work. Caring companies make sure customers, not just their staff, feel part of the team, are valued and important to their business so worthy of constant interaction, involvement and engagement.


Customer care pathways make great business sense.  Your sales conversion figures and customer retention rates will improve and your business will be more profitable and enjoy a healthier profile.

Contact Fresh Nous for a review of your customer care and experience pathways. Call us on 01905 780810 or get in touch.

Laura DuPont Fresh Nous Customer Sales Director

By Laura DuPont
Founding Director

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