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Fresh Nous, a different kind of marketing agency

We know that the term ‘marketing agency’ can encompass a multitude of disciplines and ways of working. At Fresh Nous we know what sets us apart – and that’s our obsession with the customer.


From the get-go of scoping and planning we remain focused on understand the customers of our clients. We build plans, contact strategies and digital assets that hit the mark for your customers. Because we get so close to your customers through the planning stages, we’re perfectly placed to support you through implementation.

Your virtual marketing team

We’re a small and agile team but can scale up if needed.  We believe that our collaborative approach improves the outcomes we can achieve for all manner of organisations. Working closely with your in-house teams, we become an extension of your business and ‘you’ becomes ‘we’.

Penny drop moments

Our team are masters of seeking out those uncovered ‘nuggets’ that will make you stand out.  The places where you excel and may not even realise. We use insight and analysis to find these and maximise the opportunities they present for your business and how to use them to engage with your customers.

Managing change

When the work we do leads to new strategies and ways of working, we’re equally well versed in supporting our clients with business change. Supporting your teams to deliver change that will make a real difference to your customers tops our job satisfaction list! We also know and value inclusion in these changes, bringing benefits to teams that work with customers as well as the customers themselves.

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